Rental Guide Marjalou 1


There is one parking space available for villa Marjalou 1. Drive through the open gates and park at the top on your right. 


Please take out all trash and throw bin bags into the large container that is situated down on the main road to your right.


There is french table television available on HDMI 1. Use the black controller to turn the television on and the white controller to choose your channels.

Electrical Switchboard

The electricity switchboard is situated in the hall going towards the bedrooms on your left. Power cuts during peak summer months or stormy weather do happen and are entirely outside of our control. If putting the main switch up doesn’t work, please contact us.

Exterior Lights

Please ensure exterior lights are switched off during day time and before retiring to bed.


A barbecue is provided, please use it with caution.



Take parasols down when not used, and bring in outside cushions and mattresses in rainy weather. 

Doors and shutters

Please close all shutters when leaving the house and make sure doors are locked at night.


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